Orange Oil

 Los Angeles Orange Oil Treatment for Termites
When deciding on a termite control treatment method, it is always important to consider all the options. Today, more than ever, people are increasingly concerned with the use of chemicals for both personal health and environmental reasons.  This has led some homeowners to explore the “famous” orange oil termite treatment method. So, what exactly is it, how is it carried out, and does it even work?

Orange oil contains an active ingredient known as d-limonene. D-limonene is the same compound found in many common household products (such as orange oil furniture polish, orange scented fragrance products, and orange based cleaners), and is extracted from orange peels.

It contains plant oil compounds called terpenes, and is responsible for giving oranges their familiar smell. Because d-limonene is considered to be quite safe, with a low toxicity level, it has been gaining attention in current termite control methodology. Termites get killed by orange oil because it damages their outer exoskeleton, causing desiccation leading to death.

Orange oil termite treatments are designed to work in localized areas only, where the termite infestations are verified to be occurring. The oil only kills termites in the areas that have been treated. All experiments have constantly shown orange oil to be effective in killing all kinds of termites as long as they are exposed to it long enough.

Termite treatments involving orange oil require drilling into the infested wood, and then injecting the oil directly into the chambers to reach the termites. While orange oil can be an effective termite control method, it should not be assumed that you will never need other types of chemical-based or fumigation treatments.

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