Buying/Selling A Home


Royal Termite Control has experience working with Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Agents and Escrow Companies to inspect and repair homes being bought and sold.

Los Angeles Escrow Termite Inspection Company

Inspect Before You Buy!
Royal Termite Control can inspect, treat, and repair the home so that it is ready for escrow to close.

In 2015, the California Association of Realtors introduced a new Residential Purchase Agreement that deleted the wood destroying pest (termite) inspection clause. The old contract guided negotiations between the buyer and seller as to who was responsible for the inspection report and cost of repairs.

Termites are prevalent in Southern California and the cost to treat an infested home can be great. Because the new contract omits the termite clause, there is even more responsibility for the buyer's agent to insist on a termite inspection and necessary repairs. Like has been the protocol for decades, the cost of repairs can be negotiated between the seller and buyer.


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